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Our Mission

The Loudoun Human Service Network is a coalition of nonprofit organizations working through advocacy and collaboration to ensure availability and access to human services for Loudoun County residents.

Our Purpose

  • To be the acknowledged voice of Loudoun’s human service organizations and those they represent
  • To be non-competitive advocates for one another
  • To be in touch with the community, sharing information and identifying needs

Our History

More than fifteen years ago, the Loudoun County Social Services and Community Services Board of Directors convened a summit to identify the current and emerging human service needs and priorities facing Loudoun County, as seen by its practicing professionals. In those initial efforts, more than 60 agencies and organizations were represented, and the results were compiled in the Loudoun County Human Services Summit Summary.

Following this important achievement, the Loudoun United Way convened a follow-up summit to begin collaborating and developing strategies to meet the identified issues and needs. These efforts led to the creation of the Loudoun Human Services Network. The Network continues to make an impact today and is the collective voice for the county’s human service agencies.

Why does Loudoun need us?

  • To provide a comprehensive system of care, resources and benefits for Loudoun residents in their time of need
  • To save the county money by preventing and solving problems, immediately and long term
  • To multiply the impact of government, corporations and foundations, and supplement funding with volunteers and donated goods and services
  • To strengthen our community by connecting people to each other, to services and to issues that matter to all of us

Why do nonprofits need us?

  •   To act as a collective voice for all of the members of the Network serving the county
  • To promote the important benefits we provide, gaining support from key decision makers

How can individuals help?

  • Promote and advocate for local nonprofits
  • Obtain donations and identify potential mutually beneficial partnerships
  • Spread the word about member organization’s programs to share vital information with others who may benefit

How can nonprofits help?

  •   Participate fully in the Network and encourage other nonprofits to do so as well
  • Designate a person in your organization to be involved in development and planning of the Network’s activities and outreach
  • Speak on the Network’s behalf to key decision makers

How can government agencies help?

  • Ask your employees to help support the Network through outreach efforts
  • Encourage your employees to donate their time and talent when Network members request volunteers
  • Host or sponsor fund-raising activities

Loudoun Human Services Network Officers

Chair: Jennifer Montgomery (jmontgomery@loudounhunger.org), Loudoun Hunger Relief
Vice-Chair: Nikki Daruwala (director@loudounliteracy.org), Loudoun Literacy Council
Secretary: Andrea Eck (aeck@nvfs.org), Northern Virginia Family Services
Treasurer: Susan Mandel Giblin (smandelgiblin@lvcaregivers.org), Loudoun Volunteer Caregivers
Immediate Past Chair: Carol Jameson(cjameson@hwnova.org), HealthWorks for Northern Virginia